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When you choose Collins Water Purification, you get more than just clean water; you get a level of service that is unparalleled in our industry. With three decades of experience, our family-owned business has mastered the art of providing exactly what our customers need and want. When you call and need us, we are there for you. . .day or night. Our coverage area includes the Tri-Cities, Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. We know that when you have a problem, you want a solution, and we are here to solve any problems you may have with your water. If you are considering a water softener or any water purification systems, please give us a call for more information.

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Got Hard Water?

A water softener is one of the few investments you can make in your home that will pay for itself time and time again. For as long as you own your water softener, you will use 75% less soaps, detergents and shampoos. That adds up to a big savings over a lifetime! Some other huge cost-saving benefits of a water softener is that it will help prevent your hot water tank heating elements from burning out, ice makers from getting clogged and keeps your dishwasher running smooth. We are your water softener experts in Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport, Wytheville and all the rest of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. If you are wondering if a water softener is a good idea for your home, give us a call and allow us to give you a free consultation.

Reverse Osmosis

Remove contaminants and heavy metals from your home drinking water. This system eliminates the need for bottled water.

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UV Treatment

Protect your family from dangerous bacteria and intestinal parasites with a UV light treatment system.

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Our business is built on quality service. We stand behind all of our products. When you need us, just give us a call.

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